Cinematoscape is a multi-disciplinary arts company.

We excel in visual storytelling with a focus on projects for the screen and stage. Our creative objective is simply to produce work that resonates long after viewing. We believe in the power of stories to illuminate, inspire, educate, and engage through an immersive ‘cinematic escape’.

CINEMATOSCAPE creative director Simeon Taole is a filmmaker and modern day renaissance man – an avid writer, director, performer, and composer – he brings a unique blend of creative and technical skills to the company. Simeon is a graduate of University of British Columbia and Vancouver Film School and has over a decade of experience in post production, beginning as an editor and eventually as a Studio Operations Manager.

Now based in Toronto, Simeon’s creative pursuits have expanded to include theatre. His work as a performer has been recognized with a NOW review of dancing to a white boy song calling him “an up and coming bona fide triple threat”. Simeon’s debut project as a playwright, The Space Between, also received favourable reviews with Mooney On Theatre saying:

“The writing is eloquent. It is full of warmth and insight into the heartbreak and joy of someone who has experienced and overcome adversity.”

CINEMATOSCAPE continues to create engaging visual content across film and theatre. We are currently developing feature film projects with an eye to towards building co-productions between Canada and South Africa.




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