A cinematic vision

CINEMATOSCAPE is an award-winning film and digital media company based in Toronto. We excel in visual storytelling with a focus on projects for the screen. Our work includes short films, branded digital content, independent films, and commercials. We believe in the power of stories to illuminate, inspire, and engage through an immersive cinematic escape. 

CINEMATOSCAPE founder Simeon Taole is a filmmaker and modern day renaissance man – an avid writer, director, performer, and composer – he brings a unique blend of creative and technical skills to the company. Simeon is a graduate of University of British Columbia and Vancouver Film School and has over a decade of experience in post production, beginning as an editor and eventually as a Post-Production Studio Operations Manager.

Simeon’s creative work with CINEMATOSCAPE has included directing an award-winning film, Everything Changes, which played at numerous film festivals, and creating an award-winning performance in the theatrical production, The Space Between. The unique solo production toured Canada and had a special Off-Broadway engagement in New York City. Simeon’s work was also recognized with nominations for “Best Independent Production”, “Best Solo Concert”, and “Best Leading Actor” from Broadway World Toronto.

It all begins with an idea. We know that at the heart of every great project is an engaging story. We believe every engaging story evokes powerful visual imagery – creating a truly ‘cinematic escape’.

CINEMATOSCAPE continues to create compelling short and long form visual content across film and digital media.




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